Bharhut Art Gallery

About us

Bharhut art gallery presents a god collection of photographs, models, replicas of the great Buddhist monument “bharhut stupa”. The Photographs were enlarged; restored, beautified in such a manner that originality of the images was not left out at all. Through such pictures one may catch a glimpse of mirth and merriment of life the peace and tranquility of devotion, the warp and weft of composite culture that has been woven in no less than two thousand years before on the arena of the Vindhya. The pictures are displayed to make the people realize the perfection of execution of sculptural art and design. To the table of its contents may be added prasenajit pillar, ajatshatru pillar, portraits of yaksha and yakshinis mythical and historical scenes, pictorial depiction of popular beliefs and conventions, contemporary scientists and dignitaries passing through, humorous scenes.

To make the gallery distinguished, the pictures were labelled with the inscription in Hindi and English and prefaced with short account of historical events and mythical Jatak stories.

We have the privilege of taking photographs of large number of images stored at the museums all over India. These photographs with glowing colors and immaculate performance show superb carving on and designing of the images. Devoid of the blemishes of time- worn images, these pictures stand to give new look, new expression to the sense of the scenes.

Bharhut art gallery thus dedicates itself to exhibit a series of photographs and pieces of artistic imitations. It is a genuine attempt to make the people feel the charm and glory of times past.

Bharhut Art Gallery