Bharhut Art Gallery

Bhurhut History

The place Bharhut is named after the king of “Bhar’ dynasty who got identified with their unique tradition of bearing the load of “Shiva linga” on their shoulder अंशभार सन्निवेशित-शिवलिंगोद्वहन-शिवपरितुष्टशासनानां पराक्र माधिगत-भागीरथ्यमलजल-मूर्धाभिशिक्तानां भारशिवानाम् - an inscription on copper plate – fleet, vol. III ) The place was originally called~ भारमुक्ति" the place nurtured by Bhar King”on the pattern of तीरभुक्ति तिरहुत).

On this place has been established one of the most celebrated Buddhist monuments, a fine specimen of magnificent art and an excellent recorder of composite culture of India. It was situated on the cross roads, two of them leading to northward Kaushambi (Allahabad ) and to Rajgir of Bihar on one hand and to southward Pratishthan (Pathan, Maharashtra) on the other. At the outset, Emperor Ashoka the Great conceived the plan and made groundwork completed. Then during Shunga period, the kings ranging from Dhanabhuti in alliance with the aristocracy have made Buddhist stupa constructed that stood sky-high for centuries with all its magnificence and grandeur. Its efflorescence cast glamour on society and exerted influence on religious, social and hectic commercial activities of central India all through ages.

The gallery exhibiting Bharhut art – the gallery stands to give panoramic view of art and design of Bharhut stupa . The unique scenes of historical events and uncommon designs of singular beauty have occupied special place of the gallery.

Special attention is paid to the portraits that were left unnoticed for the reason that they (Portraits) could not come into focus of eminent old archaeologists of India. Such local images too as are comparable with other similar ones stored elsewhere invite our special attention.

With Bharhut art gallery, we attempted to focus on the scenes indicative of synthesis of Aryan and non-Aryan culture of India. Our entire attempt goes to piece together all information supplied by all such similar arts to produce thereby a complete picture of the subject.

The gallery is thus coming forward to open new scope, new avenue to the cause of advancement of research-work on Bharhut art. It stands for arousing interest in ancient art and culture for classes and masses alike.

Bharhut Art Gallery